I love working with people – creative people inparticular. What’s inspiring about creatives, is that they are never short of ideas. Ideas make the world go around; they inspire innovation, they inspire beauty and a better way to do things. So I was very excited to have recently been approached by a gorgeous creative woman who asked me if I would work with her on an idea she had for a business. A creative business. A dream that she wanted to turn from an idea into a living, breathing reality. Turning creativity into a business isn’t an easy task. It takes not only confidence that the idea will fly, but also the structure and impetus to ensure that the idea will survive. Being creative is a beautiful thing. I’m a big supporter of it… When we create, we are offered an opportunity to connect with a true sense of ourself – creativity is an honesty, a truth. To be creative, it’s important to feel free. To feel uninhibited so that you can connect with the deepest, most reflective part of yourself. Running a creative business, on the other hand, requires a completely different set of skills and for most of us creatives, those skills aren’t innate – they need to be taught… And so, I’ve been having a hoot of a time, working with my client to bring brand to life. Our first mission was to work on her story. As with all creativity – behind every great brand resides a story. The story consists of the intention of the brand. Where was it seeded, how it grew, flowered and began to take shape. Story consists of the why – not the what or the hows. At the heart of every great brand lies a story. I like to think that my brand is the story of freedom – of whimsy, of individuality and spirit. When creating my brand, story was my first pit stop. And even though my brand is still in its infancy – story was the most important place to start. You see, once your story is in place – then you have a foundation to build a business, one layer at a time. My clients brand was just an idea. Now it’s a story. Next it will have a structure. A path to follow. And one step at a time, will build into a business that flies… I never get tired of watching it happen…

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