Shannon Fricke Heart & Home Collections

At SHANNON FRICKE our goal is to inspire our customers to live their most creative and passionate life.

We believe that a life lived with love, sensuality and an open-heart is a life better lived.

A house designed with a sense of beauty, individuality and freedom of spirit is more than a home, it’s a heart centre.

We love to create strong emotional connections, build trust and include our community in the Shannon Fricke brand journey…

We value beautiful design, products touched by human hands and delivered at attainable prices.

We design to mix and match so our customers feel free to create a one-of-a-kind home with their own sense of style…

The Shannon Fricke brand inspires passion. Just like Shannon Fricke.

Buy Shannon Fricke Heart & Home here.

Click here to view the ‘Let’s Run Amok‘ collection
Click here to view the ‘Where Love Resides‘ collection
Click here to view the ‘Summer In Bloom‘ collection
Click here to view the ‘From Dusk Til Dawn‘ collection
Click here to view the ‘Flowers In The Field‘ collection


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