Let’s work together to align your business and your brand with your value system. And communicate with your customers and your clients in a way that captivates their attention and builds sales.

From the Desk of Shannon Fricke

Founder of Shannon Fricke Align

Shannon Fricke is a conscious entrepreneur with over 30 years experience as a small business leader in the fields of home, wellbeing and spirituality. She believes that business is the most meaningful pathway to positive environmental and economic change and that empathy, awareness and personal empowerment are the ideal drivers for real and long lasting social impact. Shannon believes that small, local business supports community and offers the platform for unique, creative and one-of-a-kind offerings that serve, support and inspire.

She is a co-owner of Newrybar Merchants, a boutique department store situated in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Newrybar Merchants is a collective of creative local artisans and curators of fine goods. Newrybar Merchants supports local economy and offers customers a unique retail experience with a focus on service and care.

Shannon Fricke Heart & Home is a bedding brand designed to inspire peace and harmony in the bedroom. Shannon’s core driver is to educate customers on the importance of sleep and the connection to the dream state for the purpose of healing and wellness. 

Thoughtful design and individually styled environments support balance and alignment of the energy body – the first step on the road to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Shannon is the custodian and co-director of Graciosa Byron Bay- an 80 acre property offering boutique accommodation for short stays and spiritual retreat.

On The Mesa Market is a spiritual healing goods supply store located within Newrybar Merchants. A labour of love and service, On The Mesa Market is Shannon’s way of sharing the knowledge and healing practices she has learnt from the worlds wisdom keepers during her 10 year education into shamanic healing and energy medicine practices and her 30 years as a student of spiritual wellness. Here you will find tangible tools to help support your spiritual and healing journey.

Shannon has written four books on the subject of home and design, each has been published globally. She has presented over 60 episodes of TV series HOME for Foxtels, The Lifestyle Channel and appeared on Channel 10s The Living Room.

Shannon’s passion however is working with women at the crossroads of change. And with small business owners on aligning their branding and marketing strategies with their core value system.

Phew! Okay.

That’s the bio out of the way.

Now. Let me introduce myself – the whole me. I’m Shannon. And I’m here to help you make the change you need to live a vibrant, conscious and aligned life. Whilst the above is a roll call of my achievements of which I’m very proud, I’d like to think that I am more than this list. I’m also a mother, a sister, a daughter, lover, friend and creative woman. I’ve lived a 20-year marriage, survived divorce, turned 50 and lived through a series of ups and downs that have ultimately shaped me into the woman I am today. I am a woman who is on a life long journey of change, expansion and evolution. I use business, my work and my creative pursuits as my conduit to personal growth and as my way of supporting success, alignment and wellness in my life.

I believe that alignment is the backbone to all the good things in life. And, I love to inspire and guide women on the road to personal, spiritual, emotional and financial alignment. And it’s here that I want to share with YOU, the tools that I have learnt through my 30 years of spiritual study and utilized through my bricks and mortar businesses – so you too can achieve the change you desire.

I do this through my private TRAILBLAZER mentoring sessions and my online PATHWAYS TO CHANGE training programme. These programmes are designed to support women as they navigate the overwhelming process of making real, lasting, tangible and successful change.

I look forward to sharing my inside knowledge and experience with you, so you too can make real the shifts and changes you would like to experience in your life.

What better time to start than at the beginning of a new decade.


2023 is almost here. Are you ready to make a change?