‘Making a garden is somehow like conducting a symphony – different plants come forward at different times and you need to think carefully about their placement in relation to each other’ Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

I love this quote, taken from the book Garden of a Lifetime by Anne Latreille and written about Cruden Farm, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s vast and inspiring garden in Victoria Australia. It’s such a lovely reminder of what it means to grow a garden – and how, at the heart of it all gardening requires a certain kind of rhythm for the plants to flourish to their full potential…

From a practical perspective, it is simply the thoughtful arrangement of plants in a space that makes for a harmonious garden. When I look outside at my own little patch, I love to imagine that my plants are all dancing in rhythm and ‘coming forward’ in unison Of course, I don’t always get it right – but I find the process of trying to create a symphony is the most satisfying thing of all.

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