A couple of weeks back we had a visit at the Farm from Lyndall Stewart. Lyndall is creating gorgeous terrariums and is in the process of transitioning from creative pastime to creative business. Lyndall had a condensed Styling 101 and Building Your Brand workshop in one morning.

It was an Hour of Power!
Since then, we received an email from Lyndall that I thought may inspire those of you looking at taking a creative leap…
“I’ve been meaning to write to you since my return from Bangalow a few weeks ago to tell you how very much I appreciated your time and tea. Your advice was so helpful – in particular, you were great at giving me the confidence to say that my creativity is valuable and there’s nothing wrong with earning a living from it!

So, in that vein I’m happy to tell you that today I placed my very first selection of terrariums on consignment at The Design Hunter! I had some lovely photos done as we discussed, and I kept the cost down by having them done at home by a specialist food photographer and styling them myself.”

Love hearing these stories of women taking taking control of their mojo!

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