Journey From Heart To Home is a document of my travels from the desert heart of the USA to my coastal home in beautiful Byron Bay. I’ve always valued travel as a way of exploration, not only of the beautiful world around me but also of my inner world. That part of myself I know is my core, or my soul. As a 60s girl, I seem to be born into the realm of inner exploration! Travelling is a wonderful opportunity for me to connect and to see life for what it truly is.

The desert of the USA – Sedona through to Palm Springs has always provided inspiration for me. There’s something about the rocky landscape that captivates. I’m drawn to it, in a completely irrational way. It’s raw. It’s bold. And there’s nowhere to hide. I find I come up with the best inspiration in this kind of landscape. So many books have been born there! It eeks out the best parts of what’s going on inside – and I relish these times. I tend to travel to the desert on my own – just me, myself, I and the land around me. ¬†Indigenous cultures have always valued the heart beat of the land. They know the land speaks to them – it provides a pathway; a kind of road map for life. A connection to the heart. This is what I experience when I’m in the desert – so any opportunity I can seize to spend time there, I do. Connecting to my heart is an important ritual for my life. Living life from the heart – an open heart – ensures that I’m living my truest life. A life that’s in rhythm with the universe. When you dance in unison with the universe, then you are living exactly as you are meant to.What could be more captivating, inspiring and honest than that.

What inspires me most about travelling though, is the coming home. It’s the bringing back of my best self, into my day to day life that drives me to keep exploring. Home is the place where I can be myself. Home is an expression of how I see life. Sometimes it’s only when you step out of home that you find the truest value in it. As a mother, it can be difficult to justify times spent away from my teenage angels. But I find that when I do step out, it benefits not just me, but adds a layer of experience to the kids lives also. Everyone benefits when mum spreads her wings.

I’ve created this collection with the hope to inspire you to explore the world – both your inner and your outer world. Through this collection I hope that you choose to surround yourself with the things that resonate most with who you are and how you see the world. After all, it’s the things that we surround ourselves with, it’s the stories that we build and the earth that we choose to tread that is the sum of who we are.

Working with the team in the creation of this range has been a joy and a privilege. We launched SF Bedlinen in 2012 and the range keeps growing and the story keeps building. Our story is one of individuality, of being yourself, of creating a life that fits your skin. Of being confident. Of knowing exactly who you are and how you want to live.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do….



Journey From Heart To HomeJourney From Heart To HomeMix and match Pillowcases and CushionsHeart and Home Quilt Cover at home with the cowsLight Walking Quilt CoverDreaming Quilt Cover detail

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