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  • ‘Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and then go do it. For what the world needs is people who have come alive.’ Howard Thurman


    First up, I'd like to congratulate you...

    On turning up for yourself. Change is difficult to make - so much so that most people are reluctant to do it, opting to stay where they are instead of moving through what can be a messy process of unearthing your vision and then building your roadmap to change. You've chosen to take action. Just this first step alone means that your journey towards an outcome has began. You being here means you are ready and committed to tackling change. Congratulations to you. And thank you for choosing me to be your partner during this exciting time. Over the next 8 modules we’ll be walking through the process of change together. I will be sharing with you the steps I have used to make real and tangible change not only in my life but also in the life of my clients, the women who have attended my workshops, retreats and shown up for the one-on-mentoring. What I have found as a woman, mother, businesswoman who has recently turned 50, is that change anywhere from about 35 years onwards is much trickier than making change in your teens and twenties. And the reasoning is very simple. By the time you’re 35 you tend to have built a framework of experiences for your life. You’ve possibly married, maybe divorced, birthed a child or children; bought a car, a house, assumed a history of debt, experienced death of loved ones, built a career. From this place, making any change means you’re not only changing your life but changing the lives of everyone and every experience you have built into your life story. Every decision you make impacts not only you but also the people around you. Of course, this can be terrifying because most people are resistant to change, preferring the comfort of certainty instead. Cue hubby, kids and friends kicking and screaming as you move through the process of change! This is why we're here. To reframe the concept of certainty, to build clarity and a clear pathway for you and to manage the change process as gently and empathetically for you and the people and scenarios that your change will impact. It sounds big, and at the outset it is. However, as we move through the process in bite size pieces we will fortify you and your vision so you are in the best possible position to pivot your life with grace. Whether the change you are hoping to make is large is small, we will work together to craft a roadmap that totally fits your skin.

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  • Making change from the inside out

    This change programme is all about change made from your core or soul self first, then we move all the way through to practical and actionable steps that you can utilise as part of your every day schedule. It’s a holistic approach to change and I'm going to introduce or re-introduce you (depending on how much inner work you've done to date) to tried and true concepts aimed at instilling balance, focus and clarity into your day to day decision making process. We first build the foundation to change – fortifying your soul self, your core, your true self. Then we move through to the practical aspects of making change happen; the how to, step by step stuff. It's imperative that you do the inner work before we move through to the outer work. The most effective, long lasting and successful change engages all aspects of the self. Our aim here is to support you to make change from a place of confidence and wholeness. So often in life, we make decisions based on our conditioning, what others think is right for us, from a mind only or emotional knee-jerk perspective. From a place of being unconscious. This is called reactionary change. And change made from this place rarely ends well! The key to making real, aligned and successful change is to connect into your subconscious drivers. The deepest part of you. When you become aware of your subconscious drivers you are in a better position to make the long-lasting change that really fits your skin. This is a dive deep process. And we're going to dive in together.

    Our focus is to align you. Your mind. Your body. Your spirit. So when you make this transformational change it is grounded change.


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