Pathways To Change Module 2: IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND

  • It's all in your mind...

    ‘The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.’ Deepak Chopra

    I love this quote from Deepak Chopra – it describes so beautifully and simply the process we are moving through with this programme– the creation (or re-creation) of you. In this world full of crazy it can be difficult to connect in with yourself in a way where you are consciously creating. Where conscious creation becomes second nature. One of the most important building blocks for you to master in this process of change is the understanding that all things in your life – the things that you are seeing all around you – first began in the mind. With a thought and idea, whether a fleeting thought or a well-crafted idea – the mind is the engine room of creation.

    Thoughts become things.
    You’ve probably heard this saying before – thoughts become things. It’s an integral part of the manifestation process. And it’s very true. All manifested outcome begins firstly in the mind. What you think: becomes. However, the thought is just the beginning of the process, it’s not all there is when it comes to creation. it’s not just the thought that creates – if the creation was that simple you would be creating every time you had a thought. When you think about how many thoughts you have in a minute, an hour, a day – life would become very, very messy if you were manifesting from thought to thought.

    The integral aspect of conscious creation isn’t just the thought, but the energetics behind the thought. It’s how resolved the thought is. And how much you truly believe in the outcome. This is not about forced believing. Not about the daily affirmation, or the visualising ofthe outcome in a way that forms some kind of attachment to it. This is about how the energy of the thought matches in with the energy of your belief that the thought is possible. And then it’s how quickly you let the thought go. It’s basic quantum physics. What is quantum physics? It’s a big subject but at its core and for the purpose of what we are talking about here – quantum physics is the measure of all that is – the nature of particles, atoms, sub atoms. It is the theory that like attracts like. You think of someone. And if you throw your weight behind the thought – and believe in the thought in an integrated way then it is very possible for the thought to manifest. For the person to materialise in front of you. You’ve probably had this experience at some stage in your life, amongst other experiences.

    If you break down this process – the mechanics are very simple. You think a thought. The energy behind the thought is fully integrated meaning it feels very natural and easy and is without negative emotion. It isn’t weighted by a wanting or by an expectation. You are not laboring over it in your mind. You are not wrestling with your expectation of it, in the middle of the night. It just is. You think a thought, for example, ‘Oh I wonder how such and such is going?’ Then they contact you directly or you hear how they are going. The news travels back to you. How does this work? You put some energy behind the thought. Then you let it go. You allow the thought to waft past you – and then patiently wait for the universe to do her magic. Through the process of energetics, the manifestation of that thought has no choice but to return to you in manifested form. Like a boomerang; when thrown out it has no choice but to return.

    Why is it so important for you to understand the energetics behind thoughts when it comes to making a change? Two reasons – understanding this basic premise helps you to refine and resolve the why and the how around the position that you find yourself in today. The concept explains that you are the driver of your life. That, sometimes even without you knowing it, your thoughts are generating energetic reactions that result in actual situations occurring. Once you understand that you are always in the process in the process of creating consciously then you can bring awareness and intention to your thoughts. And begin to shape and drive things that you actually want to happen in your life. You become a conscious creator.

  • Workbook

  • In this exercise I’d like you to create a time for a series of events that have evolved in your life. I’d like you to write the result at the end of the timeline. The position you find yourself in now. Then I’d like you to track backward. Can you identify the initial thought that was the initiation of this outcome? Then make points along the road that have significantly affected the outcome. Can you make a connection between each thought and each outcome?


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