Pathways To Change: A programme that delivers real and lasting change.

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Join our programme for clarity, focus and real change.

The Pathways to Change 8-module programme is designed for women; specifically women over 35 who need to make change with the least amount of negative impact on the life they have already created. Making change when you’re young and the beginning of your life journey looks and feels very different to the change you make at 35 and beyond. Put simply. There’s more to lose, as you grow older. By 35, women have a history of experience – they’ve most likely had a least one serious relationship, become a mother, bought a property, faced issues with their health and wellbeing, owned a car, built a history of debt, decoupled, started a business.

It’s from this place that making real and lasting change impacts not only you but everyone around you from your partner, to your children, your staff, your family, your self.

With the PATHWAYS TO CHANGE programme, I help you navigate the mechanics of change in the key areas of your work, relationships and wellness. I offer you the tool kit I used to successfully navigate the big changes in my own life – being a daughter, a mother, a wife of 20 years, a divorced woman, an entrepreneur, a property owner, a property seller, a business owner and spiritual student and mentor.  With this programme you will make changes that are in complete alignment with your dreams and life’s purpose. I walk with you as you take the first step to change and then work with you as we build a roadmap to navigate the overwhelm and flux that comes with making real and lasting change in your life.

Without this training you will fumble through what can be an overwhelming process, one fuelled by emotional upheavals and a kind of fog that prevents you from making any real and lasting change.

With it, you will find clarity, build a tool kit to change, develop a tangible road map to change and implement BIG and SMALL change into your life that will see you not only dreaming of SUCCESS but integrating and living the success you’ve dreamed of, everyday.

The PATHWAYS TO CHANGE is an exciting and uplifting programme that you will enjoy tapping into every day, every week or every month, as you need to. It highlights the ups of making change, but also works with you through the pitfalls of change. Change is a process. And I’m here to guide you through the process.

The PATHWAYS TO CHANGE is an 8-module programme delivered via our portal inclusive of reading and video material. There are interactive workbooks and Q&A sections designed to support you through the process of change. Once you have completed and submitted a module, the next module is unlocked for you. At the completion of every 2nd module, you will schedule a one-on-one video mentoring session (4 x 2 hour sessions in total) with Shannon where you will workshop each area of learning, ultimately moving you closer to your clear roadmap to change.

Are you ready for CHANGE? More importantly, are you ready to feel good about change and are you ready to make these changes with confidence and clarity of purpose?


Is this for you?

This programme is for women ready to DEEP DIVE into the mechanics and the dynamics of change. Women who are ready to ‘UP LEVEL’ and refine their intuition and who are ready to take on the transformational tools needed to make real, aligned and powerful change possible for every aspect of their lives.This is deeper learning. Designed for women with a spiritual curiosity and a desire for clarity and purpose for their lives.

I walk you through the process of identifying change, I teach you the fundamental concepts driving this change so you can make conscious choices around change, I create an individualised activity prescription to support your change journey, and I arm you with the tools and roadmap you need to ultimately empower you to drive your change forward. This programme is for women who are committed to the change process. And who are prepared to invest in an 8-module relationship with both themselves and me as your facilitator.

Are you ready for it?

Course structure.

Module 1: Welcome and Congratulations

Welcome and congratulations on turning up for you

You will gain an understanding of the course structure and learn simple preparation techniques to help you to become ‘change fit’. These techniques focus your mind and align your spirit so you are in the best position to begin the process of working through the modules and ultimately making change. We talk of the stages of change and where you are on the scale. The first four modules of this programme are designed to connect you back to you. They are reflective modules. The second four are your action modules. All must be completed to drive you towards change in a whole and integrated way.

Module 2: It’s All In Your Mind

We introduce you to the powerful role your mind has played in delivering you to this moment in your life and how blockages in your mindset can sabotage the effective change process. We discuss the conscious and subconscious mind (the silent and powerful driver of action) and learn techniques to bring the subconscious forward so you are in complete awareness as you move through the change process. We discuss your personality drivers – the aspects of your character that have ultimately shaped your experience. We recount your story bringing awareness to particular decisions that have delivered you to this place in time.

Module 3: Getting Into Your Whole Skin

Real, long lasting and effective change that totally fits your skin needs to come from the whole self. A full integration of the mind, body and spirit. In this module we bring awareness to your wellbeing and the importance of mind, body and soul connection. We discuss alignment – what does alignment mean and why it is so important when building clarity and focus for your life purpose. We learn alignment techniques and ways to integrate holistic care into your life. These techniques are small and simple daily prescriptions to keep on track with your physical and emotional health.

Module 4: Connect With Spirit

We discuss spirit. What is spirit? Why is a connection with spirit vital when building a pathway to change?

We learn about meditation and why it is the best conduit for spirit connection. How do we build meditation into our daily life? We use meditation as our tool to further access past wounds, to identify blockages to change, to unearth your soul purpose and define how to connect with your purpose with ease and clarity. We highlight the role of intuition as the most powerful tool you have in your tool kit and workshop ways for you to access your intuition for your daily benefit.

Module 5: What Are You Worth

‘If you do not dream your own world into being then you will be subjected to the world dreamt into being by others’

When evolving vision into a reality, the core driver for success is self worth. The fully integrated belief that you deserve this level of success and you expect nothing less.

We discuss your intentions for your life and pinpoint the change you would like to make – your aligned vision. We break down this vision and discuss how achieving it will potentially affect you, your family and life as a whole? We define your values and how achieving your vision will align with your value system. We look at mitigation strategies and how to stay on track when moving through the stages of change.We discuss your blocks by digging up the aspects of your shadow self that are sabotaging this belief. We look at strategy to build self worth and simple ways to integrate this strategy into your daily routine.

Module 6: Call To Action

‘To perform every action artfully is yoga’ Swami Kripalu

We discuss why focussed action is the cornerstone to effective change. We work together to pair back your vision into clear focussed and actionable steps to ensure an effective outcome. We touch on the manifestation process – see it, feel it, do it. What is manifestation? And more importantly what it is not? How can you use this tool cleverly and effectively to turn change from a thought into a reality.

Module 7: Change Can Get Messy

Change is not a linear experience. There are ups and downs on the journey to change. In this module we discuss ways to move forward when change becomes messy. We discuss the management of expectation, navigating perception around positive and negative impact, we learn tools of open and honest communication and, based on this knowledge, begin to craft a realistic timeline to change achievement.

Module 8: Roadmap To Change

In this final module we define your roadmap to change.

The step-by-step model you will use to deliver you to where you want to go This roadmap is an integration of all you have learnt in the modules above, including the small and large shifts along your roadmap. Building time and reflection into your daily routine for example. Accessing your self worth on cue. Clearing your blockages, as they arise, with ease and grace. We implement deadlines and build a clear and actionable schedule for you to work to. By the completion of this module you will be feeling focussed, clear, aligned and armed with the internal reserves and the external action steps to propel you forward on your journey.