Creative ‘Wake Up’ Workshop Friday 19th October 2018




This is a workshop about de-cluttering your mind, body and soul. Not your cupboards!

It’s about preparing you for the creative life you’ve been hoping and dreaming about but have no idea how to begin. It’s about getting you unstuck. It’s about propelling you forward. This is the workshop you do before you do the workshop on brand, social media and business development. Before you sign up to that three-year degree. This is the workshop you do before you sell the house, move state or decide to make a drastic life change. This is the grass roots workshop that ensures the next step you take is in alignment with the true you. Because. It’s only when you step forward in alignment, that the universe has no choice but to support you in the process. From there. Success comes. Sound like you? Read on…



Join me, creative entrepreneur Shannon Fricke as I share the skills I’ve learnt and used to create the life that makes me want to get up and get moving everyday; the creative toolbox I carry around to align me with my true purpose.

Being in alignment and moving through life with confidence and clarity is a sure fire way to happiness, health and fulfilment.

In this one-day workshop – I’ll provide you with the roadmap successful creatives use to gain alignment, recognition and financial success.

During our day together we will be co-creating a road map for the life that fills you from the inside out. I’ll guide you towards a life/career/wellness change that totally fits your skin and speaks to you mind, body, soul (and bank account). I’ll kick start you towards the life you know you were born to live. Not the one you stepped into while you were sleeping. Are you ready? Let’s jump.

Our inspiring, nurturing and creative day will be held at the beautiful setting at Graciosa Byron Bay in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Learn how to harness your creative voice, build confidence and clear the blocks that are preventing you from expressing your authenticity. Understand your story and how it is driving every decision you make for your life. Learn the skills you need to change your story to better suit your creative pathway forward. Take away a ‘next steps’ blueprint to ensure your creative vision manifests into your creative reality.

What You’ll Learn:

The Power of Story – past, present, future. Your story is the novel you are writing in your mind every day. Our thoughts define our lives. What story have you created for your life? How can you re-write your story to create a better, more fitting outcome?

Manifesting Change – understanding the mechanics of change is the first step you need to create change. If you don’t understand the tools to change then how can you trust yourself to make clear, concise and well visioned change for your life.

Creating a Pathway Forward – It’s the action forward, the doing that leads to alignment. You must plan it first then do it to get the wheels of change in motion.

When: Friday 19th October

Time: 9.30am-5pm

Where: Gracisoa Byron Bay – in the Byron Bay Hinterland.

Investment: $520

What’s Included: Spend the day with me at my hacienda, Graciosa Byron Bay, situated in the Byron Bay Hinterland. We’ll have practical morning and afternoon learning session, and pause midway for a delicious lunch of farm to plate delights. All of your materials will be provided for the day, including a take-home workbook to further your creative and practical exploration.

Who’s This For: This one-day workshop is for those of you needing a kick-start to change. Those knowing you want to live and work more creatively but don’t have the foggiest idea of how to get from where you are to where you want to be. It’s for the creative novice. And, it’s for the creative in a flux. This is a chow-down, get serious, cut to the chase, let’s not muck about kind of day. Change is waiting for you.

This is an intimate workshop of 10 participants only, to ensure you get the most out of your time with Shannon. During the day, you will learn practical skills, share in group discussions. Each participant will also receive exclusive and personal guidance from Shannon.


There are five bedrooms available at Graciosa Byron Bay for those of you who would like to stay the Friday night. Accommodation is either twin share ($150 per person) or $300 for a single king room. Contact us directly on [email protected] to find out more.


‘In the past couple of years that Shannon has come into my life I have been motivated, inspired and encouraged continuously to keep working on my goals. The result of that is I have now launched a successful niche swimwear line, Marvell Lane, and yet I still turn to Shannon when my world is speeding up and I need to slow it down. Whilst Shannon’s coaching services are not designed to be used for “How to Start A Business” it is all the work (even unconsciously) that I have done with Shannon over the past 18 months or so that has resulted in me getting to a point of owning and running my own business.

I truly believe that Shannon’s life experience, career experience and her deep spirituality puts her in a unique position to provide quality life coaching that you simply can’t learn from a course. Shannon’s accomplishments (career, business and family – she has raised two beautiful, well-balanced children) only lend further weight to the credibility of the life coaching services Shannon provides. If you want well-rounded, practical and solid guidance then I highly recommend the life coaching services Shannon has to offer.’

Rachael Calvert | Marvell Lane Swimwear

‘Shannon Fricke is so much more than an interior decorator. Her real purpose and vision is to help people find their creativity. That could start with the everyday – something as seemingly insignificant as cleaning mould! Or the vision could be grand – a young woman sitting on the floor of a Pensione in Italy doing what her heart desires – writing! Her idea of creativity is not confined to the pages of magazines. It’s about nurturing the creative spirit – that every single person has!’

Jenny Fox | Jenny Fox & Associates

Shannon Fricke came into my life at a cross road; a period in my life when I was feeling lost and passionless. I truly believe, Shannon was a gift sent from heaven. I’ve never felt so spiritually connected to anyone in my life. On many levels, I view her as my guru, she has a natural and innate ability to reach into your soul and bring to the surface exactly what you’ve been searching for…. and what blows me away most is the way she guides you with such ease, (she never puts words into your mouth), she just connects and aligns you with your deepest desires to bring them into your consciousness.

Once, she lights your path to give you clarity on what you’re searching for, she not only motivates you, she inspires you and gives you practical steps of how to achieve your passion/goals. After every session I spend with Shannon, I feel spiritually realigned, incredibly motivated and passionate about striving for the life I desire and dream of.

Since Shannon and I paths have crossed paths, I have achieved so much. In as little as 18 months, I not only manage 10 home wares businesses, I’ve launched an interior design business and days away from launching a secondary business that showcases high end artisan made pieces. If someone had of told me that this was where my life was heading, I would of said “don’t be ridiculous”. I truly could never have achieved any of this without Shannon’s life coaching.

If your reading this and seeking a mentor who will connect you to your passion and drives you to kick goals, invest in Shannon… her sessions are priceless in my eyes. I’ve never felt more alive or driven and now believe connection to your inner self only equates to living the life you dream of.

I can guarantee, no matter what you seek, you will not regret the investment and will love every second you spend in Shannon’s presence.

Emma McLeod | Lunar

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