Shannon Fricke walks beside you as you build vision, find alignment and take action toward change.

How does Shannon Fricke deliver?

Trailblazer 'One-On-One' 2 Hour Progress Session

The Trailblazer one-on-one 2-hour intensive session is a great way to dip to your toe into the process of making change. I like to think of these sessions as a kick start or a quick change bite. During our 2-hour session, we identify the change you need to make, clear any blockages to change and create a first steps roadmap to creating real and tangible change for your life. Before our session you will receive a questionnaire designed to support you in articulating the specific change you would like to make. Then, during our video session, we work together to build a roadmap to making this change real. You will receive a video copy of our session and a roadmap to change.

Pathways To Change 8-Module Programme

The Pathways to Change 8-module programme is designed for women; specifically women over 35 who need to make change with the least amount of negative impact on the life they have already created. This is a deep dive programme for women ready to tackle holistic change and is inclusive of reading, video material, interactive workbooks and Q&A sections designed to support you through the process of change. At the completion of every 2nd module, you will schedule a one-on-one video mentoring session (4 x 2 hour sessions in total) with Shannon where you will workshop each area of learning, ultimately moving you closer to your clear roadmap to change.


Shannon sailed into my life not long after I moved to Byron Bay. I moved here to enjoy a better quality of life after a corporate career and suffering a family trauma By nature Shannon is a mentor to many people, women particularly. People are drawn to Shannon and whether you realise it or not, Shannon mentors and guides people very organically in many facets of their lives whether it be career, life or spiritual.

I truly believe that Shannon's life experience, career experience and her deep spirituality puts her in a unique position to provide quality life coaching that you simply can't learn from a course. Shannon's accomplishments (career, business and family) only lend further weight to the credibility of the life coaching services Shannon provides. If you want well-rounded, practical and solid guidance then I highly recommend the life coaching services Shannon has to offer.

Rachel Calvert | Founder MARVELL LANE


If your reading this and seeking a mentor who will connect you to your passion and drives you to kick goals, invest in Shannon... her sessions are priceless in my eyes. I’ve never felt more alive or driven and now believe connection to your inner self only equates to living the life you dream of. I can guarantee, no matter what you seek, you will not regret the investment and will love every second you spend in Shannon’s presence.

Emma McLeod | Founder LUNAR