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In the work that I do, I rarely look back – it seems that when it comes to design and living (as in life) – the here and now and the trends going forward become the focus… But, every now and then, when I’m feeling a little nostalgic, I’ll go back through my past work; possibly as a way of reminding myself how far I’ve come… By chance today, I opened a copy of my very first book – sense of style: colour – written in 2005 whilst sitting on my bedroom floor. The writing of this book was a watershed moment for me… The first time I braved myself and declared my most inner thoughts and feelings on design and living to the world. That is, my belief in home as more than just a collection of things that we buy. But rather an emotional support structure – our heart centre – that needs to be tended in the image of our truest self… Upon opening the book today – my eye was drawn to one paragraph. And of course, it’s the most important paragraph of all, for me, right now. I thought I’d share it with you…

‘I believe that the simplest principles of living provide the best instruction. Life teaches us that to develop a relationship of any kind – whether with a person, or even with food, or in this case with your personal colour palette – you must begin by simply being open to the possibility of it. I know this is tricky in this day and age when we allow ourselves such small increments of time for carrying out our daily tasks. But, it’s impossible to connect with anything if you don’t give it exactly that – time.’

‘Find a quiet part of the world – this could mean lounging in your living room, sitting in the park or lying on the beach and just – STOP. Live in the moment for a second. Have a cup of tea to give yourself an excuse to just be still. You’ll enjoy it. I promise. Then look at and absorb the wonderful colour combinations that exist around you. Engage your ‘third eye’ and simply think, see and feel. Reconnect with your senses.’

‘Understanding colour is, to some degree, a process of enlightenment. Remember, that colour is not a mystery – it’s always available to you, it’s there everyday, there are beautiful combinations in every corner of your world. Becoming aware of them is the first step on your journey towards forming a relationship with colour.’

And as with colour. So with life.

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